New Delhi, March 12-14, 2012

DAY ONE: 12 March 2012

Day One
Slot Speaker Title
Education at the EDGE
9:00 AM - 9:15 AM Madan Padaki, CEO, Erudient Welcome Address
9.15 AM - 10.00 AM Dr. George Siemens, Associate Director, TEKRI, Athabasca University, Canada What would a “disrupted” education system look like?
10.00 AM - 10.45 AM Stephen Downes, National Research Council, Canada Education as a platform
10.45 AM - 11.00 AM Tea
11.00 AM - 11.45 AM Dr. Clark Quinn, Executive Director, Quinnovation, and Senior Director of Interaction and Mobile, Internet Time Alliance Learning ‘on the go’
11.45 PM - 12.30 PM Prof. Douglas Lynch, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania Can we have a panacea if learning is ubiquitous?
12.30 PM - 12.45 PM Sahana Chattopadhyay, Enterprise Community Manager and L&D Consultant, ThoughtWorks  
12.45 PM - 1.00 PM Freeman Murray, CoFounder / Director, Advances in Open Technology Education
1.00 PM - 1.15 PM Girish Gopalakrishnan, Founder CEO- inSiRCLe, Director-synoptES Case for a Connected Learning Ecosystem for the future: A disruptive perspective
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM
Entrepreneurs at the EDGE
2.30 PM - 2.35 PM Viplav Baxi Introduction to the session
2.35 PM - 4.00 PM Rajat Soni, Owner, Eduledge Exploring the Frontier - The Entrepreneurial Journey So Far...
Venudhar Bhatt, Head-Corporate Development, Learning Revolution Radical Makeover of Knowledge Assessment – Harnessing the power of questions for learning
Rajeevnath Viswanathan, CEO, EduAlert Services Inclusive Learning Graph
Surbhi Bhagat, Executive Director, UnivExcellence “World is a Classroom, Room is a University” – Way to Quality Education for Deprived People
Rajeev Pathak, eDreams Funtoot - Disruptive Technologies in Education
Piyush Agrawal Founder and CEO, Aurus Network Aurus Network – A state-of-the-art platform for delivering quality education to masses through internet 
Jagdish Repaswal Founder and CEO, Mangosense  Redefining publishing and books – redefining learning
Prasad Hassan, Founder & Leading Worker,  RightCareer What is Disruptive Innovation and why do we need it in Education? 
Girish Gopalakrishnan, Founder CEO- inSiRCLe, Director-synoptES & Karthik Venkatachalam, Chief-Architecture, inSiRCLe Concept based learner-centric tool to improve learning outcomes
Dheeraj Prasad, Managing Director, BraveNewTalent BraveNewTalent Communities – Peer2Peer Social Learning and Employment Platform
Akash Sethi, Vamsi Krishna and Raghav Pareek, Manipal Institute of Technology Samyak Shiksha: Khan Academy like videos and interactive tools aligned with Indian curricula + in local languages
Lavin Sadh, Vardhan Jain, Meenakshi Mishra, Ishaan Srivastav and Abhimanyu Reddy, Manipal Institute of Technology Educovery: Game based co-scholastic reinforcements for learning and assessment in K12
Vipul Puri, Syed Fahim Akhtar, Manipal Institute of Technology Imagineer: Regular knowledge+skill profiling of students during engineering education that helps them align better with industry needs, while providing vital employability insights about each student to companies during placements
4.00 PM - 4.15 PM Tea
4.15 PM Onwards Workshop 1 - Learning X.0 Exploring Learning Futures
4.15 PM Onwards Workshop 2 - Mobile Learning Designing mLearning

* Proposed

DAY TWO: 13 March 2012

Day Two
Slot Speaker Title
9.30 AM - 1.30 PM EDGE Inaugural Sessions & Highlight Lectures by George Siemens and Jay Cross
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM Lunch
Simulations and Serious Games at the EDGE
2.30 PM - 3.15 PM Clark Quinn, Executive Director, Quinnovation, and Senior Director of Interaction and Mobile, Internet Time Alliance Getting Serious About Games
3.15 PM - 3.25 PM Siddharth Banerjee, CEO, Indusgeeks Serious Games and Educational Worlds - What Really Works?
3.25 PM - 3.35 PM Jatinder Singh, Director-Operations, Atelier  Enterprise Simulations: What it takes
3.35 PM - 3.45 PM Debabrata Bagchi, Founder & CEO, Sparsha Learning Virtual Labs in Electronics Engineering Education
3.45 PM - 4.00 PM TBD
4.00 PM - 4.15 PM Tea
4.15 PM Onwards Workshop 3  Learning X.0s in Practice
4.15 PM Onwards Workshop 4 Designing Serious Games

DAY THREE: 14 March 2012

Day Three
Slot Speaker Title
Behind and Beyond the cutting EDGE
9.00 AM - 9.45 AM Jay Cross, CEO & Chief Unlearning Officer, Internet Time Alliance Rethinking Education*
9.45 AM - 10.30 AM Prof. Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology, Open University, UK Digital scholarship: 10 lessons in 10 videos
10.30 AM - 10.45 AM Tea
10.45 AM - 11.30 AM Prof. Grainne Conole, Professor of Learning Innovation, University of Leicester,UK & Director, Beyond Distance Research Alliance  New pedagogies and approaches to design to harness the potential of social and participatory media
11.30 AM - 12.15 PM Dave Cormier, Manager, Web Communications and Innovations, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada Rhizomatic Learning - Embracing Uncertainty for Formal Education
Educators at the Edge
12.15 PM - 1.00 PM Dr. Les Foltos, Director of Education Innovation, Peer Ed ICT Transforms Education: The Missing Elements
1.00 PM - 1:10 PM Anirudh Phadke, CEO, Beyond Teaching Beyond Teaching: Teacher empowerment through networking!
1.10 PM - 1.20 PM Bakary Singhateh, School of Education, The University of The Gambia Operationalizing Connectivism as a Research Construct in HRD Research
1.20 PM - 1.30 PM TBD  
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM Lunch
Perspectives at the EDGE
2.30 PM - 3.00 PM Satish Sukumar and Nagaraj Pappu, Canopus Consuting A Fragmented Whole:
Technology and Architecture Challenges in enabling large scale distance education in India
3.00 PM - 3.10 PM Manish Upadhyay, Co-founder & COO, LIQVID "Right to quality education  -Right Answer Technology (developing country context)
3.10 PM - 3.20 PM Rajeev Menon, GM- Innovations & New Product Development, MeritTrac Using assessments/measurements to drive change in learning methods & alignment with employability
3.20 PM - 3.30 PM Amruth BR, Vitabeans Hidden in Plain Sight: MacGuffins of Game Design
3.30 PM - 3.40 PM Rajeev Pathak, Founder and CEO, eDreams Edusoft Disruptive Technologies in Education
3.40 PM - 3.50 PM Prof. Shanath Kumar, Head, eLearning, Sikkim Manipal University Content Curation as Learning Design for large distance Education Universities
3.50 PM - 4.00 PM Prof. Rajesh Kasturirangan, Associate Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore   The Future of Learning
400 PM - 4.15 PM Tea
4.15 PM - 4.30 PM Prof. Sanjay Dhande Innovation Futures for Education*
4.30 - 5.30 PM Panel Session moderated by Viplav Baxi Conference Summary Roundtable
5.30 PM - 6.00 PM Viplav Baxi Vote of Thanks and Closure

* Proposed